Official sneakers GENERALI Maratón Málaga 2022

The Health 700 is one of the most complete and perfect sneakers for high-level running, as well as any other sporting activity. They feature a carbon fibre reinforced nylon filament plate, offering the lightness needed for a running shoe as well as harnessing the energy of impact to assist in the next stride. It uses the principle of leverage to convert the kinetic energy of each step into a driving force that helps accelerate the rebound of the stride, helping the runner to move forward. The plate is encased in an elastic midsole about 30mm thick to help harness the energy. A unique foaming process used as a midsole material that is lightweight and soft, helps to greatly alleviate impact and protects joints such as the ankles and knees.The upper of the Health 700 sneakers  is made of a special “flying yarn” fabric, a monofilament that adapts to the foot as it is elastic, giving it a customised comfort. The upper features the Air-Cool system for 360° air circulation.The non-slip TRB wear-resistant rubber outsole of the Health 700 has an excellent grip and is very well balanced with a strong slip resistance. They are suitable for a wide range of sporting activities.The heel of the Health 700 has a special sponge wrap that provides the foot with a soft and light elastic comfort. The heel has a skin-like wraparound feel and does not deform after being squeezed.The perforated Flywire tongue or the locking laces are just some of the many other details that make the Health 700 your perfect running shoe.You can purchase them by modifying your registration!

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